Blog beginnings and Fashion Revolution Week


I've decided to start this blog so I can share my development and work, as well as inspiration and things that matter to me that relate to how and why I run my own practice. Communicating with people about handmade textiles and the importance of them is really crucial to me.
As some people reading my know, from following my Instagram (@zag_woven), I was in a car accident last year in July that have left me with injuries that have prevented me from weaving. I am still on the mend, but as I continue my recovery, what better way to keep you all in the loop with my doings then writing a blog! AND, what better time then to start it on Fashion Revolution Week. 

One of the main reasons I started my own practice was because I knew how bad the industry was for clothing, as well as the energy used for mass production of textiles. We live in such a world now where we should be able to cut back our consumption and realise the damage the fast fashion world is doing to workers in the industry and the earth.

I've been conscious of how bad the industry is for years, and so I try to spread awareness when I can, as well as trying to buy from sustainable clothing brands, and putting pressure on high street shops to do something about the equality in the chain of production. 

Now, I'm not saying go and throw all your clothes away or don't buy any! Far from it, infact, its more about letting high street brands and companies know that your not ok with how they operate and be more mindful of your buying habits and even how you care for your clothes. If you are able to, buy from sustainable brands such as Braintree, Matter Prints, or People Tree. There is a great documentary called 'The True Cost', which outlines the problems with fast fashion, and Lucy Siegle's book To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? In fact, I do believe Siegle has a more recent book out on the subject, but can not comment as I have not yet read it!

If you want to know more quick facts, and find out how you can help the fashion revolution, head on over to the official Fashion Revolution website

The Fanzine is also a really great document with loads of infomation, laid out in a easy, accessible way.