ZAG Woven Design is run by Zohreh Adle-Ghadjar, a woven textile designer with a passion for creating handcrafted textiles. 

She has developed a different kind of work ethic to the industry focused, seasonal trend ways of working that were focused on at university (MDes Textile Design at University of Brighton). After visiting Ghana for 2 months to learn traditional weaving, she started to research into and realise the negative effects of large scale production on weaving cultures around the world, and didn't want to work for a company where she'd be contributing to it. 

In setting up her own practice, Zohreh skillfully hand weaves all her designs in her South Devon studio. One of her main focuses is how weaving cultures and techniques have evolved over time, even with the most basic looms. She now utilises traditional hand techniques, mixing them with her own knowledge of weaving and a contemporary design aesthetic. By not working to seasonal trends, Zohreh creates beautiful woven cloth that is made to last a lifetime. Her pieces are fun and vibrant while encompassing a sense of elegance and luxury.   

Working in making small batches and commissions herself, Zohreh is able to be as sustainable as possible by controlling and minimising waste and energy, and can ensure the quality is up to a high standard from winding the warp to finishing off products. 

Zohreh was selected to exhibit in the curated show, One Year On at New Designers in 2016.